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working culturally and living meaningfully

Contemporary Night

01/01/1900 12:00' AM

PTI Education Group highly appreciates the creative and talented individuals experiencing the challenging working environment. This performance, the start of a series of projects developing the community culture, not only bears the spiritual meaning for entrepreneurs and audiences but also expresses our devotions to helping a better community on the whole. A luxury ambition but practical vision! It is all up to all of us!


The Journey of Starting Life Again

16/10/2011 06:16' AM
In a city, the citizens lived in disorder with spreading social evils, deastating nature, and so on. Besides, plants were poisoned, and animals became crazy. It was the consequences of the God’s belief that the City lacked Ethnics and upright people. The God became angry, so he wanted to use thunder and lightning before causing fire to burn down the whole city. However, the God sent a message “the citizens of the city had one thousand days to make complaints”.

Ten good things I would like to share with Leaders of Enterprises

20/09/2013 05:34' PM
Any changes include the high energy of opportunities at that time but can explore the Enterprises which do not prepare in advance.

What is the most important?

20/09/2013 05:34' PM
Whether you are a civilian or a King, but your lifestyle is of great importance


Each Employee is a Factor of Management

20/09/2013 05:32' PM
Such a long time ago, I myself write my own handbooks of employees for lots of organizations which I have ever consulted. As time passes by, these things have shown its effectiveness for the following reasons. First, good management can make employees be professional. Second, they are highly conscious of their tasks and good organizations for all their tasks under any circumstances. Third, they themselves have clear and official attitudes to all standards of their organization in the civilized society.
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