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Returning Good means Dissatisfaction???

Nguyen Tat Thinh06:00' AM - Chủ nhật, 30/10/2011

In every election of an organization, being unable to reach higher position, some people often say “I do not need that position, so anyone can be chosen as the leader” and easily vote the suggested person. This kind of person is often known to be “a bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit”

After all, most people have misunderstandings of “a bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit”. The voter forces them to do what they do not want or do not care their benefits. In other words, what seems out of their interest make them feel angry and disobedient in silence. Therefore, it is believed that the voter has to serve for the sake of the votees. On the contrary, the voter is for the sake of the upper level. Meanwhile, the others still want to follow their own way of life.

For instance, in a pack of monkeys, the leading monkey is voted because of not only its strength for remaining its spring but also its ability to keep the order of its pack. Thus, its main role is not to seek fruits or vegetables for the other monkeys. Moreover, each monkey has to feed itself in the order of its pack while this order offers their chances of living. Of course, each monkey has to comply with the power of the leading monkey.

From this practice, to my point of view, the power of Human should learn experiences from the power of monkeys. More specifically, the power is to keep and enhance the strength but is not to satisfy the free lifestyle.

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