Critical Thinking on Life

Critical Thinking on Life


In the transition between the old year and New Year, I myself went for a walk alongside Da River. Da River is typical of dew coverage from the Sky, small falls from stone slots, water stream from the valley, and springs from the forest. Perhaps not only Spring can inspire Human’s feelings but all of Four seasons also exist and evolve according to the river of life and the Creator.

Da River is also formed in a similar way. To be specific, Da River is known as not only the riverhead or the collection of annual clouds for creating rain in the water cycle but also the convergence and the harmony between high Sky and low Ground alongside its regions as time passes by.

Surprisingly, after coming to the delta, the great river gate, and the vast ocean, the water source including both great and silent factors can form the River and reach its destination. However, when it becomes a River, the river itself is the environment of all diversifying lives and creates lots of fertile and vast areas together with many villages alongside its river banks. Finally, the River comes back to its source in many various ways.

I went upstream to observe the beauty of the River and had lots of thoughts of Life when I came back to the delta.

A saying: “Each person is regarded as a water drop”

Various ways of the Creator form, change, and become the River of Life; moreover, each major group comes into the branches according to various streams because of diversifying demands and requirements of Life. Such water drops by nature are gifted the ability of participating in the tectonic and regenerating cycles of the River. Following this method, the River is still the River; similarly, Life is through endlessly.

In general, each Water Drop has to remain one of its parts in the mountainous region as flowing gradually to the delta region. However, it is obvious that such Water Drop can not be in its original state, and any changes or fluctuations can occur every minute. Most importantly, whether Water Drop regrets or not?; whether it misses or not?, whether it knows the future or not?; whether it becomes wet and polluted or not?, it still wants to become Water Drops itself and vaporize to be dissolved in vast Ocean.

Strangely, volumes of water can be different, but each Water Drop has the relatively similar size. Besides, volumes of water can be changed according to time periods. The River of Life has to flow, so who knows each Water Drop turns out to be the Drop of Life of continuous changes. Thus, Drops cannot be pure and consists of lots of its tiny impacts. Luckily, each Drop can be united into a large volume, creating each stream, and it is ultimately regenerated and comes back to Source from the Sky or from the Ground.

Now I do not use any means of communication with my surrounding people and consider myself as water drop. Although I cannot stop my thinking, My Water Drop is dissolved according to these words. On the contrary, my innermost feelings are dissolved into the stream of Rive-Life, Life with Surrounding People, and Relationship with others as Water Drop is part of my previous and following Life.

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