Why Can Time not come back?

Why Can Time not come back?

(a): if You wanted to stay at the best point, Your brain would stop thinking, feeling, or working. As a result, that special privilege is meaningless.

(b): If You were still living in the silent, motionless, and unchanged World, what would you do in such situations as no clouds floating, no downstream flowing, no leaf falling, or Sun always shining?

In another case, if all of the perfect sceneries with the extension of the T(1000) point to T(3000) point in a nice morning occurred upon your wish, You would be satisfied by God of Time and rotate yourself in such period of time. On the contrary, if it were in the inverse rotation, You would be forced to live in such beautiful period of time. In the direct rotation, at the T(1200) point You feel happy because at T(1300) point the Dog will be playing excitingly in front of you. In the inverse rotation, You have to smile happily before the Dog does like that. Particularly, at T(2500) point you feel satisfied after eating a roasted jungle fowl because at T(2000) point you felt excited to chase after it and roasted it in the oven. The Effect comes after Cause, but under that circumstance You do not know the matter of logic order. Thus, You feel very comfortable, but there are some problems as follows

(1) The World is rotating in its order, and at the T(5000) point You dream of living in such above conditions and are luckily accepted. Therefore, the World could not be different from what it was and occurs as you want from the T(5000) point to the T(7000) point. Unlike the past, you will live in the future outlook from the T(5000) point to the T(7000) point if Your real life starts at the T(1) point and ends at T(8000) point.

(2) Upon your wish, God supposes that the Fowl has to die although it does not want. As a result, it gets itself into tragedy. Moreover, this event reoccurs due to your wish or small part of the World, and it is not due to all species’ wish. Thus, God requests God of Time to continue so that the Jungle Fowl have chances to have another life with its bones left somewhere. Meanwhile, springs continue to flow into seas and oceans and will be back to its origin in the future. As a result, there will be the happening of the endless savage war.

(3) While the God of Time satisfies your demands, he himself has to be back from the T(1000) point to the T(3000) point. Perhaps, at the T(2000) point the God of Time has stomachache and cannot satisfy your demands. On the other hand, the God of Time has to rotate for many times, so he feels indifferent and does not have the ability to let Time pass by. If God of Time satisfies your demands from the T(1000) point to the T(3000) point, you may not have such demand started from the T(5000) point. As a consequence, you have to be back from the T(1000) point to the T(5000) point, and you do not want to stay from the T(3000) point to the T(4999) point which seems to be your sorrowful period. Hence, if the God of Time foretells Your Life, will you still want your above wish?

(4) You will have three choices. Firstly, after the T(5000) point, you want to live happily as you were from the T(1000) point to the T(3000) point. Therefore, All Things have to live again in such period of time. Then, you will be led to the confliction, also the second choice. Specifically, if you want to be as rich as a King, lots of things have to be sacrificed for your satisfaction. Then, as Time passes by, You becomes much older. Of course, You want to be as young as you were, which makes you get into the paradox. As a result, all of three above choices are conflicted.

You should satisfy with yourself because the World is constantly changing, which is of great excitement. Thus, your demands cannot be met, and the World is moving in the Passage of Time and the order of God. Of course, nobody can prevent you from your desire. Therefore, each of us has to prove ourselves on the following way. One in all, the most important things I want to say are follows

– How to go is more important than your desire

– If you do not have answers, you should be excited about the questions

– Although you do not have the Truth, you should look towards the Reality

Be not sad for Happiness passing away and Be interested in what will happen in the future?

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