Characters of Nations

Characters of Nations

A ship accommodating passengers of various peoples was being sunk because it was too heavy. As a result, there was at least one person jumping out of the ship to deal with the general situation.
The Japanese brandishing his Samurai sword and said “The man who is brave should jump out of the ship”.

The American revolving the Colt gun and said “If there is the best insurance company, I will voluntarily jump out of the ship”.

The Italian being invulnerable like Ceasa “If you are not willing to jump out of the ship, why do I have to sacrifice for everyone?”

The German rolling his eyes with anger “Are you really more knowlegble than me to keep on staying on the ship?”

The French leaning against the balcony of the ship looked at the Sky “It is a pity that there is no beautiful woman here so that I can sacrifice for her beauty”

The Egyptian said “The Zeus granted and saved his Child”. He also added “If I am willing to jump out of the ship, who will pay all of your debts?”

The English holding tightly the steering wheel said “If I go out of the ship, who will hold the steering wheel?”

The Swiss taking off his watch said “Who will hold my watch?. With 10 hours and 36 minutes, anyone knowing to swim can reach the mainland”.

The Hebrew trying to keep connected with Mosad said “We must find a Palestinian person on our ship, and anyone can support him to push them out of the ship”.

The Chinese showing KungFu said “No one is allowed to look again and again me”.

The Russian holding some bottles of wine said “We should drink some Vodka wine, and lots of people want to jump out of the ship”.

The Korean using an old Won as a wardhead said “I think this thing is enough for all people, and noone does not have to jump out of the ship”.

There is someone wandering surrounding the ship said “We should take off quickly a handkerchief to hold the doll and lull to sleep”.

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