Contemporary Night

Contemporary Night


Your Excellencies; Distinguished Guests; Ladies and Gentlemen!

In addition to the mission of providing the training and consulting programs aimed at the community of entrepreneurs and enterprises, PTI highly appreciates the principle of “working culturally and living meaningfully”. We easily recognize the importance of the spiritual life as unattachable part of each entrepreneur or individual. In the past four months, PTI’s members along with actors, choreographers, and directors of Vietnam Opera Ballet Theatre, Vietnam Song Dance and Music Theatre, Youth Theatre of Vietnam, and the other art units have been working hard and strictly, and it is time for all of us to witness the excellent performance, our contemporary night.

Distinguished Guests! In Vietnam, the sixth art form, dance, is an art form but has not further developed in Vietnam. One of the fundamental reasons can be seen that the Vietnamese tend to hide their innermost feelings or show ambiguously their emotions. However, it doesn’t mean that we do not have talents of this art. Besides popular folk dances placed in the hearts of audiences such as bamboo dance, dance with Pieu Scarf, and so forth, our Vietnamese contemporary dances today witness many bright talents. Therefore, our contemporary night, night of contemporary dances, which makes it different and is characterized as the combination of modern and folk features, honor the beauty of the art form.

PTI Education Group highly appreciates the creative and talented individuals experiencing the challenging working environment. This performance, the start of a series of projects developing the community culture, not only bears the spiritual meaning for entrepreneurs and audiences but also expresses our devotions to helping a better community on the whole. A luxury ambition but practical vision! It is all up to all of us!

It is not easy to give a full account of all supports and sponsorship of all organizations and individuals that help PTI to launch in public this performance. Today in the warming atmosphere and culture of Hanoi, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to sponsors, non-governmental organizations, actors/actresses, choreographers, supporters, and all of our respected audiences, part of our performance’s success.
Wish all of you health, luck, and happiness and our Contemporary Night fruitful success!

Thank you for joining us today!

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