The Journey of Starting Life Again

The Journey of Starting Life Again

In a city, the citizens lived in disorder with spreading social evils, deastating nature, and so on. Besides, plants were poisoned, and animals became crazy. It was the consequences of the God’s belief that the City lacked Ethnics and upright people. The God became angry, so he wanted to use thunder and lightning before causing fire to burn down the whole city. However, the God sent a message “the citizens of the city had one thousand days to make complaints”.

All people felt scared and confused, but no one wanted to go to the Heaven to make complaints. It came nearer to the deadline, so all the citizens lived hurriedly and in disorder. The mandarins tried to disperse and hide properties as well as move their families. At last, there was a man overcoming lots of difficulties, reaching the Heaven Gate, and complaining “Please, forgive us! If you cause fire, a great number of kind, innocent, and upright people will be casuists”.

The God replied “Your City becomes degraded so seriously that such people you have mentioned will live unhappily, and many of them have ever complained to me “Oh, My God! Why don’t you take my away?” They have fought against each other and have ruined the Nature which I created and gifted; hence, fire can wipe out all the things without merit while my great Nature can be regenerated as it used to be. You need to differentiate between the old and the young, between the mandarins and the civilians, between the upper class and the lower class, etc, whereas the difference between Human and all beings is of importance to me. Also, the definition of “the kind-hearted people and the bad-hearted people” is misled. As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of people causing misery for their offspring. Thus, as for me, Morality and Immorality is of importance, and I want to know whether a person is upright or not”.

“My law is Cause and Effect, so if anyone wants to be against my law and does bad things, they will be seriously punished despite temporarily escaping from their society.

I created the World taking over maintaining that unique Law. To be specific, it is up to those who live immorally and cause disorder in society. Additionally, you believe that the immoral people can become kind-hearted ones. In my opinion, as being moral or upright, people have to take action to prove themselves in society. One more thing, I do not create the World for being destroyed and useless people”.

The God lowered his voice “Thus, previously I created 100 human beings to generate offspring. Also, as time passes by, more and more offspring have been created as well. I wonder whether there are 100 upright people here or not, and I suggest that there should be a chance for those who can prove their morality and can be back to their society”.

The God allowed Clouds to bring that man back to the City, and he had to find 100 people. Of course, more and more people in the whole City want to be moral and upright. The mandarins were still stiff-necked and said “It is us who decided to build lots of pagodas, temple, and glorious temples in our houses and allowed making ceremonial offerings as well”.

However, there was no one being ready to go with the man. Some people said “why do we have to sacrifice for life of others?” while some others said “oh, I myself do not want to live in all miseries”. Meanwhile, some of them supposed “I belong to the Water fate, so I am not afraid of fire. Also, in the fire, I may have chances to get some properties from the rich”. On the other hand, the weak people complained “Oh, I am afraid that I will die on the way to the Heaven Gate before the happening of fire”.

A-1000-day period is too long for the people to live in peace and to earn their living. However, such time duration is so short for the whole City to decide its existence, and time seems to pass by so fast. As a result, the man could not wait any more, and he decided to go alone as well as urgently was back to the Heaven Gate. Strangely, on the way to the Heaven Gate, there were lots of people wanting to join with him. They went to the Heaven Gate in various groups and formed social relationships alike those in their City. Each time they met difficulties or had quarrels, they left the delegation to the Heaven Gate. At last, there were a few people continuing with their journey to the Heaven Gate with no complaint and overcoming lots of obstacles. Also, they had to deal with all challenges on their way. In addition, they were aware of controlling themselves in order not to hurt all things on their way. Naturally, they kept going in line and supported each other along the way.

Finally, they reached the Heaven Gate, and there were exactly 100 people left. As they stood in front of the God, he asked them “who are you?”. No one looking each other replied “we were born from the Truth and became useful in the World of our God”.

The God asked “you have had to overcome lots of difficulties to reach our Gate, and now do you want to stay here or be back?”. They all answered “My God, we want to be back to continue with the construction of the World gifted by our God by means of our Truth and Soul”. The God accepted their request and helped them be back to their society. As they went back, there were no buildings, no markets, no roads, or no rustling life. Instead of all these things, there were just mountains, rivers flowing along the grass, and animals wandering on the vast grass. The definitions of society in their mind were faded away, and they knew that Life would actually start again.


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