Mind Spirit or Human’s Belief

Mind Spirit or Human’s Belief

To my point of view, we are all born to be Selfish

Mind Siprit: Human’s premonitions characterized by Human’s psychological factors consider Essential Being as one Microcosm out of five fundamental rules.

  1. The rules themselves which were found out or summarized by Human created “Belief” for Human. They are five Fundamental Rules or Wu Xing in the Material World including any change in quantity to a change in quality, conservation of materials and energy, Contradiction of the opposing sides, Negation of the negation, as well as Cause and Effect. Therefore, there are also Five equivalently “Mirror properties” in the world of Mind Spirit or Wu Xing in the Non-Material World including Accumulation, Samsara, Yin and Yang, Salvation, and Retribution.
  2. There are lots of extraordinary things which appear in our daily life, dreams, and consciousness are inexplicable in Science. Therefore, Human believes in the existence of God and Holy, Ghost and Devil, Heaven and Buhhda, as well as Almighty Creators. Without such belief, Human cannot realize the limit of the absolute respect for theirDesire, Anger, and Ignorance in order to Know and Stop. Belief is to limit Human’s Evil and sublimate Human’s Morality.
  3. Many strange people have the ability to thoroughly grasp your information in the past, and you are convinced of what they tell you about your future. Thus, there is a question of matter whether they have the extraordinary abilities or your extraordinariness can be realized by the subtle people. All in all, such “extraordinariness” happened in the past and will occur in the future, and lack of induction cannot explain all of such extraordinary things. However, you should believe that some other people such as a Fortune-teller with the extraordinary abilities can define and point out your past and future to help you adjust your life. Hence, as you consult a Fortune-teller, you are already equipped yourself with Belief.
  4. If we think that death ends up everything or life on Earth dust to dust, it will be dangerous for your lifestyle and psychology. Therefore, Human strongly believes in “Doomsday”, “Salvation and Samsara”, “Cause and Effect”, “Accumulation”, “sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”, “one good turn deserves another”, and so on. It is believed that Heaven and Buhhda or Supreme Heaven and Earth thoroughly know to judge, and Human has the ability to adjust their behaviors and attitudes in their life.

Most people believe that you have bad things, but you yourself tend to believe in what and how to make you better or worse. Thus, if you feel afraid and prepare for what will happen in the future, it is quite magic. Also, the nature of Belief is up to you. As a result, a person who lacks self confidence and abilities does not have belief and superstition.

Going up and down together with the time stream, Human cannot clarify the root as well as the future of all things and phenomena definitely. As the time stream is compared to a wire, it is not straight but rolls up as the unclosed circle or the spiral called Spiral Time. If you are at A point of the X circle at a very short distance as the life span, you can count months or years at this segment such as from 1962 to 2009. However, you may be at A’’ point of the X’’ circle of this Spiral Time. Therefore, if you believe like that, you can have the ability to see yourself in the past and in the future (under some conditions shown in the following writings).

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