Overcoming Difficulties

Overcoming Difficulties


The things I have discussed often include implications, and one of these situations is considered as “a necessity” to overcome. Thus, each lesson is drawn from attitudes to these “necessities”.

Survival is the most important thing for a person to be on a Desert, in a Forest, or on an Ocean whereas Goal is of great importance in Life.

In all of four situations, you know that Survival itself is valueless. In fact, if You have never been to Desert, Forest, or Ocean, You may be still in Life. Therefore, Survival is not the goal you must set; however, you must have the ability to overcome difficulties to achieve the Goal, which is what I want to share in my brief writing.

a) Tool – b) Motto – c) Orientation – d) Action

1. A person going around a Desert (Sunshine tempers you)
a. Camel, Water, and White Clothing
b. Private essential demands
c. In the direction of the Sun
d. Crossing sand dunes

2. A person going on the Sea (You are trained in storms)
a. Good boat, Liquor, and Pennon
b. Unyielding spirit
c. The Great Bear
d. Avoiding storms

3. A person going through a Forest (You are besieged with danger)
a. Long canvas, cigarette-lighter, and tree root
b. Being not panic
c. Following the flow of spring
d. Towards grassland

4. A person being in Life (You have to fight with Human)

a. Health, Energy, Wisdom
b. Not making enemies
c. Depending on Value
d. Overcoming difficulties

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