Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of Life

Philosophy, the vivid things drawn from experiences, is defined as fundamental and key concept based on what is expressed briefly and concisely, including the state of mind, the spirit value, and the power of behaviors. In other words, philosophy is considered as a creed or a guideline for the behavior, actions, as well as lifestyle of an Individual or a Community.

Philosophy is often based on such Categories as Truth, Morality, Power, Intelligence, Money, Social position, Death and Life, etc and discusses Conservation, Expression, Fight, Demand, etc. All in all, owning to its Rights and Consequences, its education function enables Individuals and Community to take it into consideration and actively follow it.

Accordingly, Philosophy of Life is really a treasure of life culture of Individuals and Community. As a consequence, “better a glorious life than a shameful death” depends on how a person is equipped with such Philosophy of life.

In fact, any Individual or Community has their own Philosophy of Life, and whether their Philosophy can be expressed or not is up to the approval of the Community in terms of Orthodoxy, Wisdom, Prestige, Influence, Prosperity, and so on. Therefore, experiences and accomplishments of an Individual or a Community can be measured by means of their Philosophy accumulated in Life Journey. Additionally, such Philosophy is based on a Category and tends to obtain something weak or strong which can decide the ability of the Individual or Community.

Some of the most typical Philosophy of Life Quotes are follows:

  1. Life Philosophy of Dagestan“Man draws his sword in only two cases, including one for Love and one for Honor”
  2. Life Philosophy ofNapoleon “I am the last to draw my sword but the final to put my sword into its sheath. However, I just use my sword with the sound mind and good behavior”.
  3. Life Philosophy ofCowboys Texas “Never let your gun run out of bullets. Life is the confirmation of power”.
  4. Life Philosophy ofMI 5 (UK Central Intelligence) “You can believe in God or not, but you should not believe in themselves”.
  5. Life Philosophy ofNguyen Tat Thinh “As running out of money, you had better not teach Morality. Thus, you should earn an honest living, and you are Moral”.
  6. Life Philosophy ofNguyen Tat Thinh “You can measure the Milky Way and the deep seas, but you can not measure Man’s heart. Thus, Man’s heart should not be changed. Moreover, as cooperating with Human, you should have a belief which may turn out to be the riskiest”.
  7. Life Philosophy ofLuther King shepherd “As you can self pay for your meal, you can feel comfortable to be invited a meal by the other”.
  8. Life Philosophy ofAncient Egyptian “If a person cannot prove what he possesses, he may have to be a slaver. Additionally, the innovative politics has to help each person to prove his right of possession”.
  9. Life Philosophy ofthe Chinese “Even a sick dog has to feed itself, so Human can not wait for their death. Remember that Life does not mean Death”.
  10. Life Philosophy ofmost Vietnamese people “Wisdom or Foolishness comes to death, so understanding helps you exist”.

Life Philosophy of Nam Cam “What cannot be bought by money but can be purchased by a great deal of money”

As each of my writings does not aim at satisfying my interest but aims at sharing Life Values with Readers. Therefore, in order to encourage Readers, I compiled and translated the following things:

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