PR: From Life to Mind Spirit

PR: From Life to Mind Spirit

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I would want to use the special No.13 for discussing PR briefly as a message from the author to all of readers about the extensive meaning of PR. Then the consecutive development of the strategy is up to the thinking way of readers.

When Any Individual has breathed one’s last, in his/her funeral full of the extremely mournful sound do rhetoric such as Charity Work, Personality, and Morality come from the death. Strangely, those who are often emotionless and dissatisfy with their own problems are even experienced themselves in the funeral of a dead person.

Therefore, after passing away, anyone left something valuable and useful of his/her Life in their funeral oration which could retransmit to the alive people their Nostalgia. Additionally, if a person has a bad reputation, he/she cannot close their eyes due to his/her funeral without any attendants.

Then under any circumstances in richness or poverty, all rituals had to be implemented best in order to Pave “Road to Heaven” for the deaths and emphasize “Doctrine of Life” on the alive people. In such rituals do Family, Family Records, Family Tradition, Family Education, Family Customs and Habits, and Family Regulations. Meanwhile, the Buddhist pennon is raised in line as the demonstration of Hierarchy and Disciplined Lifestyle of the family generations against all evils.

Similarly, PR follows the same way. PR considers all impacts of happenings on the alive of all levels as events. PR is closely associated with Human in either alive or dead state; moreover, PR must express real things which could deepen into people’s hearts, be linked to Rituals, create “Food for thought” in daily complicated life, and form Mind Spirit.

Hence, An Individual who has good behavior, acts as a representative, and accumulates lots of experiences, especially their Morality more than just a Belief or Feeling. In addition, from the bottom of the heart, each attendant could find things from his/her daily life as a Belief in Value of Life by themselves. Source:

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