Thinking of Characters and Destiny of Dog

Thinking of Characters and Destiny of Dog


The first story: The dog is more loyal than its owner

My friend has a very fierce dog. Each time I visited his house, he had to keep his dog at a far distance. However, the dog still rushed into the iron gate, which made me frightened. I complained “Your dog looks so fierce”. My friend, however, smiled and said “Certainly, the dog’s duty is to keep house”. He also added “As visitors pass by my house, my children often cheer up the dog. It can be seen that the dog is faithful to my house more than me. Indeed, I am its owner and know whether my friend is or not; moreover, although I shout at the dog, it still barks so loudly that everyone feels scared. Even though some guests come into the house, the dog still barks to deter them. Then, I have to use baton to lash it; as a result, the dog has to be silent, lying down outside the door, overhearing my story with my guests, and watching them out. Though the dog does not understand our story, it still looks at its owner and is ready to show its attitude. However, I still love it although the dog sometimes makes me feel ashamed. Thus, I do not sell the dog as anyone offers to buy it. Strangely, due to being fierce, my friends tend to confide to me but focus on the story about my dog. As a nature, I added to the owner’s story “Of course, it is the dog that is worth possessing”.

The second story: An unseen obsession

After tramping about through thick and thin, a family became rich. Then, to manifest their wealth and to keep house for safety, the family decided to purchase a dog as a housekeeper. The dog itself seemed to be very wise, so it was very enthusiastic as being aware of the reason for being purchased. Every night, as all people went to sleep, the dog barked with the shades of strangers and the rustling sound of leaves falling. Therefore, its owner heard the dog barking and felt very pleased. However, the neighbors thought “Oh, my house is not kept in safety”, so they also purchased the dogs for their houses. Since then, every time there was the dog barking, all surrounding dogs continued to bark.

All dogs wanted to show its loyalty and devotion. Thus, everyone felt unsafe and thought that there were lots of bad things at night. At the same time, all people are afraid of going out at night because the others thought their shades of thieves. As sleeping, they were awoken by the dog’s barking all night.

The dog of the rich family became older and older. Because it was afraid of not being strong enough to bark and being killed, it tried its best to bark with the mournful sound. Sometimes it dreamed of being peaceful, seeing leaves falling, and watching people going passing by. It was also afraid of the dogs of all neighbors barking all night.

The third story: The ending of wisdom

A hunter and a dog are always accompanied together. Once hunting in the forest, the hunter saw a falcon injured in its wing, so he brought it to his house and applied medicine. In order to show its gratitude towards the hunter, the Falcon stayed together with the hunter.

Since then, he enjoyed business prosperity. Thanks to the falcon, he could grasp the information of weather, directions, and places of animals. The falcon flew above to show the direction for the hunter to shoot down the prey. When the gun went off, the dog ran towards the falcon. The falcon was responsible for finding preys while the hunter was in charge of shooting down the preys. Meanwhile, the dog just enjoyed the achievement and brought the preys back to its owner.

Every night sitting in the tent and in the light of fire, the hunter often shared his ideas with the falcon and the dog. The falcon always came up with interesting ideas while the dog often groaned and rubbed its mouth onto its owner’s hands instead of its answers. Then the hunter carried it in his arms and continued to be deep in thought.

The injury of the Falcon recurred, so the predictions and the ideas of the falcon were not concise. All of them went for hunting and were back with no preys for three times. After that, the hunter tented not to believe in the Falcon, and the Falcon understood and left him a goodbye saying.

Of course, the story ended when the Falcon stopped flying in the sky and fell over the vast forest. Meanwhile, the dog lived peacefully and was loyal to his owner until death.

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