What is the most important?

What is the most important?

Whether you are a civilian or a King, but your lifestyle is of great importance

There was a King who was seated on the throne had to receive many reports and petitions and bring out lots of decisions and judgments. However, to his point of view, he thought that all Kings had to face such issues and dealt with them through various methods, but they did not know whether these methods would be the best or not. Therefore, he often asked himself “Who is the most important? When is the most important? What is the most important on Earth?”

Accordingly, he decided to disguise himself as a civilian to travel incognito to study the World.

One afternoon, the King stopped and asked for staying at a modest house of a Farmer. After having dinner and being arranged for a warm place, he went to sleep. At midnight, after hearing people shouting and screaming outside, the Farmer lit up to observe what was happening. At that time, a Middle-Aged man urgently knocked on the door and begged to take shelter in his house. Without asking, the Farmer rapidly pushed the man into a stack of straw in the kitchen. The crowd with torches who was chasing after the man turned out to be soldiers equipped with dazzling swords and murderous looks. They rushed into his house and asked the Farmer whether he hid the man or not. Finding no results, all of the people went out and divided into small groups to continue to chase after the man in various ways. After the middle-aged man got out of the shelter and went out with just saying goodbye, the Farmer came back into the house and silently turned off the light. However, the King could not sleep again so asked the Farmer:
– Do you know that if you hide a person chased by the soldiers of the Court, you will be sentenced to death?

– Yes, I know, but until now there is no happening to anyone

– At that time, as for you, what is the most important?

– Under that circumstance, the life of an Individual is of great importance. Thus, it is time to save a person, and overcoming my own fear is the most important.

The King felt a bit encouraged because it was the reply to his own question. Additionally, he also mumbled with himself that under that circumstance, I was the King but was not the most important person, and my order already issued was not also important. The King blushed with shame and intended to be back to implement his plan in his mind.

In the next morning, the King said goodbye to the Farmer and said “after the happening last night, what do you think? Did you sleep well? What do you intend to do today? What is the most important to you?”

The Farmer replied “I forgot, so I had a good sleep. Also, I got up in time and felt healthy to start my work. All of these things are important. As for me, nothing is the most important, but I realize what is the most important of all things each day”.

The King knew “Each person is the Number One, the Special One, and the Most Important One. Therefore, doing all things per day with the best and useful, the existence, and the participation in life are of the great importance. Whether you are a civilian or a King, and if you can do all above things, you will do the good things for Life.

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