Dialogue between Subconsciousness and Superconsciousness

Dialogue between Subconsciousness and Superconsciousness

In order to follow the dialogue, let’s imagine as follows

Human is compared to a Glass Case:

The space location the Glass Case put in is Consciousness – The external world is Unconsciousness – The ability to understand the External world of the glass case is Subconsciousness– The image of the external world reflected on the glass case is Superconsciousness.
Subconsciousness (TT): I am like the Soul of Essential Being, but normally I can not feel myself. Thus, when Anyone comes into Me, I can realize Them. At the same time, I can not feel myself because my Essential Being has never existed before. Thus, I feel starved.

Superconsciousness (ST): I am myself in the World of Unconsciousness according to the regulations in which I do not follow the roads but the Passage of Time. However, I can feel space in that Passage of Time. Meanwhile, your Essential Being follows the road as well as space in which it exists. In the journey of Time as My final destination, I meet You but do not change Myself, and we can make friends and understand each other.

TT: Oh! Why can we make friends with each other? In your opinion, I seem to be part of Superconsciousness of the others similar to Me?

ST: In my opinion, the thing I call the Passage of Time actually include several non-directional Time Rays and does not follow any “Roads”. Consequently, You may catch small part of such events, and I followed such one Time Ray in order to meet You by chance in one specific location.

The external world of Your Glass Case, and the light reflection of All Things can touch Your Glass Case. You feel and are confused with the External world of the Glass Case which You have never seen before; however, You can not talk to them because they are the Lifeless Objects. Moreover, You must have something similar to My World if You want to talk to Me. I can not touch You because the light reflects into Your Glass Case. I am also the Invisible Life in the Time Rays which can go through All Things. As far as You are concerned, You can feel the Passage of Time in Your Glass Case.

I can touch All Things along with the Objects in the Passage of Time, which create the events of the World which I am part of; moreover, there are a lot of things being by my side in the Passage of Time. At the same time, You participate in Your Glass Case unless You are out of the Glass Case and go in the Passage of Time. Then, You can come into the other Glass Case anywhere.

TT: Would you like me to give You a Question? Sometimes I know that the Essential Being wakes up at midnight and howls with the strange sound. Thus, although I belong to that Essential Being, I cannot explain. Are there many Souls of lots of the other Essential Beings in Your World? Do you feel like that?

ST: The House is very visible, while the Space of the House is invisible but real. If there is no Space, where will the House and its furniture be? The House disappears, but the Space of the House or part of the vast space does not appear. Meanwhile, its Soul can exist for such a short time, which I can feel via the Absolute Time.

The lifeless Objects can not see the Space. Moreover, Living Things that look like Flies or Mosquitoes can feel Space as well as the Objects in that House and can stay as they like. Do the Flies or Mosquitoes feel Time? It is Human or Living Things with Souls that can feel the Relatively Time which is inside Your Glass Case with the limit of Materials but cannot feel Absolute Time which is accompanied by any Objects in any Spaces. Therefore, only Living Things which can be Regenerated have that ability, and I can feel like that.

What called Essential Being is that “House” itself, and You are the Soul and Vital Force of “That House”. Now I can talk to You and go into “Your House” which is called Essential Being by the Body. However, the Essential Being is working hard in its Life but can not feel this story. Additionally, as the Essential Being comes back to the quiet status, You are very sensitive to Our World.

Hence, I know that I have met a lot of Souls. As far as I am concerned, I flow in Time Rays according to the regulations of the World and meet Souls out of that Essential Being. By the time I touch, Their Soul is Dissolved into our World and continues to flow.For example, I meet Your Essential Being now, and Your Essential Being can feel that Soul, making Your Essential Being so strange.

TT : In the Glass Case of the Essential Being, I realize that there are a lot of Regulations created by the Essential Beings living together. The Essential Beings in their Life seem to follow the Regulations even though they find a lot of Regulations in Unconsciousness. Nevetherless, sometimes I do not believe in such things but are ambiguous. You are in the journey of Unconsciousness, please tell me the Regulations you are following?

ST : Oh, are You just in the small Glass Case or the Essential Thing among the bigger Glasse Case which is often called Society?

The World in which I am living, regardless Your Glass Case, does not have Regulations but Laws of Time absolutely true for All Things.

They are Five Laws which Nguyễn Tất Thịnh, the Envoy of Unconsciousness sending his Soul to the know-how Glass Case, reminds You.

Additionally, The Light Ray which is visible to You is generated by an Object and can be transmitted unlimitedly in the endless Space. However, it can be hindered or reflected by another Object and can be gradually weakened. As far as You know, such Rays as X, α, β, and so on can go through the Objects blocking its way but can be refracted. As a result, The Laws which You can understand is up to such Rays but part of Laws or the Material part of the Essential Beings or Objects. As said above, I am the Invisible Life which can be Regenerated, so I can talk to You as well as can be aware of the Social Glass Case in which You exist.

TT: To your point of view, How do Souls in the World of Unconsciousness look like? Can I become a Soul?

ST: The Essential Beings are the Living Objects and have Magnetic Field, Electric Field, and Vital Field. Such these Fields are limited by the Physical abilities of each Essential Thing, are controlled by Your small Space, and cannot be out of the Social Glass Case. In addition, there is the existence of Thought Field. Only when the Thought Field of the Essential Being can generate well, it can come out of its Glass Case and the Social Glass Case and is kept in Unconsciousness. Then, it can flow in any Passage of Time and becomes Superconscious as for the other Glasse Case.

Within Our story, You can count minutes in Your Social Glass Case, but the Material Cells of Your Essential Beings cannot feel Time. It is You who can feel ambiguous in the Glass Case and surrouding any Space. Thus, everything is relative! I stay here by the Absolute Time Rays and the External Space and talk to You. On the other hand, Time Rays go through and feel You as touching You. Now they are in any remote Space where I can talk to another Glass Case.

The Living Essential Being looks like a Glass Case, so You are Soul part of that Glass Case. Nevertheless, if You brings the Spirit of the Essential Being out of the Glass Cases of the Essential Being and the Social Glass Case, similar to me, they can be dissolved into the Absolute Time Rays. Besides, they are visible in the Glass Case and are similar to You who can talk to the other Glass Cases anytime and anywhere.

TT: Superconsciousness please let me go with You…

ST: You cannot follow Me because the Essential Being keeps you. However, lots of Glass Case can self light up strong enough by Thought of Field and can come out of the Glass Case as well as the Social Glass Case in order to follow the Absolute Passage of Time.

Once again, there are Five absolute Laws in the Passage of Time, so You have to help the Essential Being to obey these Five Laws in Your Glass Case along with the Social Glass Case in the way it can light up. In other words, the Material of the Essential Being can be burnt. Otherwise, You can gradually become the Dark Material Part. Thus, any Object from the Unconscious World crashes into Your Glass Case and breaks it, You also the Soul part can stay for such a short time. Then, Your Material Essential Being disappears without any trace in the Social Glass Case. Hence, not only I but also any Absolute Time Rasy can meet You in the World of Unconsciousness.

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